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Prior Authorization Overview

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DermTech contracts with national and regional healthcare insurance plans to offer affordable testing to our patients. Molecular and genetic testing is a rapidly evolving field and has significantly improved patient care. Some insurance providers have recently instituted policies of prior authorization before molecular and genetic testing can be performed to ensure appropriate use.

At DermTech, we are here to help you with this process and will notify your office when an authorization is required. Please refer to the links below to get started or call our Billing Care Team directly at 1-866.450.4223 x 155 with any questions or for assistance with this process.

UHC Prior Authorization

Effective November 1, 2017, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) will require a notification/prior authorization process for outpatient genetic and molecular labs test for a small percentage of UnitedHealthcare commercial plan members.

This prior authorization does not have to be complete prior to ordering the test. Providers are given 90 days to complete this process.

Ordering providers can sign in to LINK and complete the online notification process for tests included in the Genetic and Molecular Lab Test requirement. The online notification/prior authorization process will give care providers a quick coverage determination when their requests for these tests meet UnitedHealthcare clinical guideline criteria.