We Can Stop Melanoma

At DermTech, we believe we can help end deaths from melanoma in the near future. And we are working with patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to bring that promise to life.

We believe this because we have the tools to make it happen. The most effective way to eliminate melanoma deaths is to catch the disease early, and the DermTech Melanoma Test rules out early-stage melanoma correctly over 99% of the time. With a test that can be easily and quickly performed at your doctor’s office, or remotely under your doctor’s supervision. Our goal is to turn this belief into reality. And make melanoma a disease of the past.

Meet the team that is defining the new era of precision dermatology with innovation, entrepreneurship, passion, and personal experience.

Meet Our Leaders

Bret Christensen

Bret Christensen

President and CEO

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Kevin Sun

Chief Financial Officer

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Claudia Ibarra

Chief Operating Officer

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Mark Aguillard

Chief Commercial Officer

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Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has diverse experience in biotechnology, diagnostics, therapeutics, medical and other industries, bringing decades of experience to the team.

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Meet the DermTech Melanoma Test

This simple smart sticker gives your doctor data on your mole’s genomic makeup at the RNA level, showing signs of melanoma earlier and more accurately than a traditional biopsy care pathway.


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Partners in Innovation


We consult, collaborate and work with leaders in the world of genomics, medicine, biotechnology, wellness, and more.


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