Welcome to a new era in skin cancer detection. We're changing the way  melanoma is detected.
Welcome to a new era in skin cancer detection. We're changing the way melanoma is found.

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The DermTech Melanoma Test (PLA)

Meet the Smart StickerTM that is changing everything.

There’s a reason doctors had to cut your skin to test for melanoma. They didn’t have another way. Now, thanks to this smart sticker, they do.

The DermTech Smart StickerTM gently lifts skin cells off the surface of your mole — no need for a scalpel. The sticker is pressed on the mole, then quickly lifted off, carrying your skin’s genomic material with it.

Now doctors can see beyond a biopsy1 with an accurate, non-invasive test: The DermTech Melanoma Test.2

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The DermTech Melanoma Test (PLA)
Precision Genomics

This isn’t just a different test. This is revolutionary.

Traditional melanoma detection methods are visual and subjective. Doctors use their eyes to see physical changes to a mole, and the cells within it.

A groundbreaking innovation now lets us look beyond your skin’s surface, deep within your genes, for markers that indicate the likelihood of disease objectively.

And it’s all accomplished with cells gently lifted off the surface of your mole with a highly specialized smart sticker.

We call it Precision Dermatology.
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A Better Way to Find Melanoma Early3,4

Earlier Detection

The DermTech Melanoma Test can detect changes in your skin’s RNA and DNA so that melanoma can be caught earlier—a critical factor in beating the disease.5,6

Reliable Results

A negative DermTech Melanoma Test result means there is a greater than 99% probability that the suspicious mole is not melanoma.6

Without Cutting

Our DermTech Smart Sticker™ collects skin cells non-invasively. This means no unnecessary pain, scalpel, cutting, or scarring.3,7

“There is no question that early detection saves lives, and this tool revolutionizes our ability to find melanoma earlier.”

— Laura Ferris, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Clinical Trials at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Dermatology

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Catching and treating melanoma early is critical.


When melanoma is detected and treated early, the survival rate is 99%. But it drops to 27% once it spreads distantly.*

DermTech’s test can help find melanoma earlier.

A DermTech Melanoma Test looks for melanoma at the gene level, 10,000 times closer than even a microscope.,7

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The Tech in DermTech

Step 1

The Sticker

The DermTech Smart StickerTM lifts skin cells from your suspicious skin spot. The sticker is simply pressed onto the spot, lifted off, and then sent to our Gene Lab. This can be done at your doctor’s office, remotely with supervision, or via a telehealth appointment (where available).

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Step 2

The Gene Lab

Your sample arrives at the DermTech Gene Lab where it will be tested for genomic markers associated with melanoma. Seeing deeper into the genomic makeup of your skin cells gives your doctor the ability to diagnose melanoma earlier.

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Step 3

The Science

At the Gene Lab, a DermTech patented process tests for the presence of elevated expression levels of two genes proven to correlate with melanoma, LINC00518 and PRAME, as well as DNA mutations in a gene called TERT.5,8

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At Home

DermTech It via Remote Collection

Can’t get into the doctor’s office? Your doctor can order the DermTech Melanoma Test through a telehealth visit, then guide you through the easy process of collecting your own sample under clinical supervision.9 (download instructions).

See how easy it is.
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DermTech in the News

Read how DermTech is “shifting the melanoma landscape.”

Learn more about DermTech’s Melanoma Test.

And stay up-to-date on other treatments and technology.

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  1. Biopsy is inclusive of the melanoma diagnostic pathway and includes both surgical biopsy and histopathological evaluation.
  2. The DermTech Melanoma Test consists of two laboratory tests performed on a single tissue collection: (i) the Pigmented Lesion Assay (PLA) test, is covered by Medicare; and (ii) plus (using remaining genomic material, if available, after the PLA is performed), the plus add-on test does not yet have Medicare coverage. The PLA test may be ordered without the plus add-on.
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