May Is Melanoma Awareness Month

DermTech is proud to be redefining early melanoma detection. The PLA measures genomic changes in melanoma that can’t be seen, improving the accuracy of diagnosis.

A Breakthrough in Cancer Detection

Cut the uncertainty, not the patient. Introducing a truly non-invasive breakthrough in cancer detection. DermTech has developed a proprietary process to extract RNA and DNA from skin tissue samples collected non-invasively, using an adhesive patch.

Answers for Physicians

Answers for Patients

The Accuracy of Genomics

Ribonucleic acids (RNA) are generated within cells and both reflect and influence gene activity. RNA is ubiquitous on skin—but so are RNAses, enzymes that digest RNA and protect against infection with viral RNA. DermTech has developed a powerful platform technology to harvest RNA from skin for molecular analysis.

Non-Invasive Adhesive Skin Collection Kit

The Adhesive Skin Collection Kit is designed to reliably collect stratum corneum tissues of the skin from nearly all locations of the body, with the exception of mucosals surfaces, palmar and plantar surfaces, and areas with excessive non-vellus hair (e.g scalp).

Our Products and Services

Our assays measure gene expression in pigmented lesions and melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancers and inflammatory skin diseases.

We have developed a proprietary process to extract RNA from skin tissue samples collected non-invasively, using an adhesive patch. Our Adhesive Skin Collection Kit is uniquely optimized to produce the highest quality and yield of RNA. Once the RNA has been extracted, we use the tools of molecular biology to assess the expression level of specific genes that are associated with various skin conditions.

Collaborate with Us

Advances in genetic analysis are revolutionizing the practice of medicine, improving patient care, enabling early disease detection, and advancing the treatment of diseases. Novel assays, based on state of the art gene expression analyses, are being developed to improve disease detection and diagnosis across therapeutic areas. Below are some of our current collaborators.