Precision Genomics
for Optimal Patient Care

DermTech’s innovative platform technology uses the precision of genomics to enhance accuracy of diagnosis, eliminate unnecessary surgery, optimize treatment plans and lower health care costs.

Our Mission is to bring precision to the practice of dermatology through non-invasive genomic assessment of the skin.

Our platform transforms the diagnosis of skin cancer from one that is subjective, inaccurate, invasive, and at a high cost to one that is objective, accurate, non-invasive, and at a low cost. The result of this transformation leads to the most optimal treatment selection and provides:

How It Works

The use of genomics to characterize disease provides unique and specific information that cannot be obtained visually or by routine pathology. DermTech has developed a powerful platform technology to harvest genomic material from skin for molecular analysis.


Your physician will use adhesive patches to collect skin cells across an entire lesion. The sample is then sent to the DermTech molecular laboratory.


RNA and DNA from the sample can be analyzed for specific, validated gene targets.

Get Results.

Results are sent to your physician in about 3 business days.

Non-Invasive Adhesive Skin Collection Kit

The Adhesive Skin Collection Kit is designed to reliably collect stratum corneum skin tissue from nearly all locations of the body using adhesive patches. DermTech’s proprietary process extracts RNA from skin tissue samples. Once extracted, the tools of molecular biology are used to assess the expression level of specific genes associated with various skin conditions.

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Partner with us to optimize your drug discovery and development programs.
Advances in genetic analysis are revolutionizing the practice of medicine, improving patient care, enabling early disease detection, and advancing the treatment of diseases. DermTech’s proprietary technology enables a variety of tests including RNA gene expression, DNA mutation, protein and microbiome analyses.