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Summer Skin Care

By Dr. Samantha Robare, Board certified Dermatologist, Houston Skin Specialists | Summer provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the importance of regular skin monitoring.  When skin cancers, including melanoma, are diagnosed and treated early, cure rates are very high. 

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Catch More, Cut Less. A Breakthrough In Melanoma Detection

By Dr. Maral Skelsey, Director of the Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington and Director of the Mohs Surgery Unit at Georgetown University | As I was about to open the door of the exam room, my nurse handed me a box of tissues. “Take these to the patient,” she said. “ She’s just about used up the box that’s in there.”

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Atypical Nevi Are Not All Precancerous

No one wants to miss a melanoma when examining a patient. Since severely atypical nevi and early melanomas may be indistinguishable on clinical exam, no one wants to leave such a lesion unbiopsied.

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