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JAMA: Economic Analysis of a Noninvasive Molecular Pathologic Assay for Pigmented Skin Lesions

Question: What are the economic implications of using a noninvasive gene expression test (the pigmented lesion assay) to rule out melanoma and the need for surgical biopsy of atypical pigmented lesions suggestive of melanoma? Findings: In this cost-savings analysis of the pigmented lesion assay using model inputs for patients with pigmented lesions suggestive of melanoma, a $447 (47%) cost reduction per assessed pigmented lesion vs the current histopathologic standard of care was achievable if the assay was priced at $500.

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JAMA Letter

Not missing melanomas in daily practice keeps dermatologists up at night and is a challenge even for dermatologists who see pigmented lesion cases regularly.

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