Welcome to a new era in skin cancer detection. We're changing the way  melanoma is detected.
Welcome to a new era in skin cancer detection. We're changing the way  melanoma is detected.
Welcome to a new era in skin cancer detection. We're changing the way melanoma is detected.

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The DermTech Melanoma Test (PLA)

Meet the smart sticker that is changing everything.

There’s a reason doctors had to cut your skin to test for melanoma. We didn’t have another way. Now, thanks to this smart sticker, we do.

An adhesive painlessly lifts skin cells off your mole — no need for a scalpel. The sticker is pressed on the mole, then quickly lifted off, carrying your skin’s RNA material with it.

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Now we can see beyond a biopsy with a more accurate, non-invasive test: the DermTech Melanoma Test (Pigmented Lesion Assay / PLA).

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The DermTech Melanoma Test (PLA)
The DermTech Melanoma Test (PLA)

This isn’t just a new test. This is revolutionary new technology.

Traditional melanoma detection methods are visual. Doctors use their eyes — aided by a microscope — to see physical changes to a mole, and the cells within it.

A groundbreaking innovation now lets us look past your skin’s cells — deep within your skin’s genes — to find and detect disease earlier and more accurately.

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All from cells lifted off your mole with a simple adhesive sticker, not cut out with a scalpel.

We call it Precision Dermatology.
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The DermTech Melanoma Test (PLA)

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Ready to Get Started?
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A Better Way to Find Melanoma

Earlier Detection

DermTech can detect changes in your skin at the RNA and DNA level. These happen long before enough cellular changes occur to be seen by a pathologist looking at a biopsy.1 So you can catch melanoma earlier — a critical factor in beating the disease.

More Accurate

With the current biopsy care pathway, early melanoma can be missed up to 17% of the time.2 A DermTech Melanoma Test misses less than 1%.3 So you can detect the disease more accurately, even earlier.

Without Cutting

We collect your skin’s cells with an adhesive. This means no pain, no scalpel, no cutting, and no scarring. So you’ll never miss a chance to find melanoma just because you’re sick of getting sliced.

“There is no question that early detection saves lives, and this tool revolutionizes our ability to find melanoma earlier.”

— Laura Ferris, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Clinical Trials at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Dermatology

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Catching melanoma
early is critical.


When melanoma is detected early, the survival rate is 99%. But it drops to 27% once it spreads distantly.4

DermTech’s test can find melanoma sooner.

A DermTech Melanoma Test looks for melanoma at the gene level, 10,000 times closer than the traditional biopsy care pathway.5,6 And it tests information from the whole mole, while a traditional biopsy often only evaluates 1-2%.7,8

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?
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The Tech in DermTech

Step 1

The Sticker

Our smart sticker lifts skin cells from your suspicious skin spot. The sticker is simply pressed onto the spot, lifted off, and then sent to our gene lab. This can be done at your doctor’s office or remotely via telehealth with your doctor’s supervision.

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Step 2

The Gene Lab

Your sample arrives at our high complexity gene lab where we will look for markers at a level 10,000 times closer than the traditional biopsy care pathway.

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Step 3

The Science

At the Gene Lab, a DermTech patented process tests your sample for expression levels of two specific genes associated with melanoma, named PRAME and LINC00518.

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At Home

DermTech It via Telehealth

Staying at home doesn’t mean waiting for answers. Your dermatologist can order the DermTech Melanoma Test through a telehealth visit, then guide you through the easy process of collecting your own sample under your doctor’s supervision9 (download instructions).

See how easy it is.
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DermTech in the News

Read how DermTech is “shifting the melanoma landscape.”

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And stay up-to-date on other treatments and technology.

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